Tyler Boone
A New Start

Last year, local singer/songwriter Tyler Boone released his debut EP Stuck Between, and he’s been spreading his soft-rock sounds all over town ever since. His second release, A New Start, features the separately released single “Austin” and three other agreeable if not particularly inspiring tracks.

The enthusiasm he exhibits in his live show is not fully captured on this new recording, which is a shame because he obviously has songwriting potential. Unfortunately, most of A New Start falls somewhat flat, with Boone’s voice a little hollow and lacking in conviction. The musicianship fails to meet his concert standard.

But it is not all bad news. Boone is young, and clearly this is just another step in his musical evolution; there are glimmers of what might be coming our way. The third track, “All My Life,” featuring singer Carmen Keigans, goes deeper than the others and hits another level of creativity and imagination. There’s a genuine spark when both voices break free and allow themselves to get lost in the moment. It feels almost spontaneous in a way that the other tracks do not. (tylerboonemusic.com)

Tyler Boone performs at the Windjammer on Sat. Dec. 17.