“This is a great location. There are lots of trees and it’s really kind of woodsy even though it’s only two blocks off of Savannah Highway. The West Ashley walking trail runs right past my back patio. I can take my dog for a walk or just sit out on the patio and watch other people exercise.

“One of the things I love best about WildWood is how the neighbors are really outgoing. I just feel that we really look out for one another. It’s a younger crowd, mostly people in their 20s or 30s, and lots of us have dogs. So we’re always out at the crack of dawn and then late into the night, letting our dogs out or walking them on the trail. It really helps you to get to know your neighbors and so you feel safer.

“Because these condos have only been available for sale in the last year and a half, everyone here is a recent homeowner. Because being a homeowner is a dream come true for so many of us, people take pride in it, planting flowers and doing up their patios really nicely. We have a swimming pool where everyone likes to congregate.

“This is really one of the last places inside 526 where working people can afford to buy a decent size place. Everything is getting so expensive now.

“I absolutely love it here. Any window I look out, there are trees all around, which is not exactly the norm for a condo complex, but the best things about the neighborhood are the walking trail and the fact that it’s only a five-minute drive to my work, which is great because I can drive home for lunch if I want to.

“526 is close by and that’s really convenient because I hate traffic lights so I’m always using 526 to get to North Charleston or Mt. Pleasant.

“It’s just nice to be in a neighborhood where you feel safe and you feel like people are watching out for you.” —as told to Jason A. Zwiker

About the neighborhood: Recently converted from apartments into condominiums, WildWood features numerous outdoor amenities and proximity to the Stono River. What’s the story on your neighborhood? E-mail jason@zwiker.com for a chance to give your ‘hood its due.