“I used to work with the BBC in London. It was the love of my life but then I met an American lady and that took precedence. So now I’m right here on Rutledge Avenue near Hampton Park, which is a very pretty place.

Every day you see quite a few houses being done up and repaired around here. Overall, you get the impression that things are on the up. Give it five years, and it’s going to be even prettier and a lot nicer, though probably a lot more expensive. I get that impression for the whole of Charleston.

I was born right in the center of London. It’s so much more compact and dense there. Here, you have much more space. I think a lot of people, if they traveled from here to London, if they’ve never been there before, would be surprised at how compact everything is.

I think I’m quite fortunate to live in Charleston. It is a very pretty town with a lot of history, art, and culture. Actually, I assumed when I came here that Charleston was the capital of the state. And then I found out that it was Columbia. I went to Columbia and I thought, ‘Well… not a lot going on here, is there?’ I much prefer Charleston. I chat with other people and they concur. This is probably why Charleston is expanding and doing so well. It has a quality that draws people to it.

Charleston is a very social town. I find myself enjoying being downtown, on the peninsula, where you feel close to where everything is. Of course, here, it is assumed that everyone drives a car. In London there is much more public transportation and many people use only that to get around. As Charleston continues to grow and expand, I’m amazed that people can continue to drive and park.” —as told to Jason A. Zwiker

About the neighborhood: Hampton Terrace, near the Citadel, is a historic neighborhood with lush Hampton Park at its center. The horse stables for the city mounted police patrol are here as well as a one-mile nature trail of gardens, live oaks, gazeboes, and reflecting ponds.

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