Local chill-pop artist Diaspoura (a.k.a. Anjali Naik) drops a “pointed” single today that she wrote the day after Donald Trump was elected to be president. “Nobody could really do anything that day but think about the election,” she recalls.

The track “GTF” (‘get the fuck’), evolved from there with additional contributions from experimental artist, emcee, and producer Contour, who did the beat and helped write the music for the song. The goal was to ready the single for release on Inauguration Day — “to help you brave the storm,” Diaspoura announced on Facebook.

“It was mostly my feelings evoked after the election just about the state of the nation and my own personal fears with being a queer woman of color in the South and my misplaced trust in people around me — and just like feeling angry about it,” she says. “So it’s very charged, and it’s an explicit song.”

For now, you can find the single on Bandcamp, but the distribution company for online streaming services Naik tried to release the single through rejected it for its cover, which is a collage work featuring Donald Trump, created by the artist herself. “I do a lot of collage art, and you’re supposed to take media and turn it to other things,” she says. But, according to the distribution company, the image of the President Elect was too distinguishable. “They said I needed to get Donald Trump’s permission.”

Naik will create new cover art for the track soon and resubmit, but you can see the original work and listen to/download “GTF” now on diaspoura.bandcamp.com.