[image-1] Last week Indie Grits Labs, a non-profit arts organization based in Columbia, announced an open call for their upcoming fellowship program in 2020. Media artists, documentary filmmakers, and journalists are encouraged to apply.

The application is free and the submission deadline is next Fri. August 29 by 11:59 p.m.

In addition to the fellowship program, Indie Grits is accepting artwork submissions for a new multimedia group exhibition entitled An Unclear View. IGL is seeking photography, collage, video, and multimedia installation submissions.

Artwork should reflect the potential for manipulation in shared digital images and how it relates to the idea of photographic truth. The submission deadline is Mon. Sept. 9 by 11:59 p.m. Apply online.

An Unclear View will kick off IGL’s “Real Fiction Project” and will debut in Columbia, S.C. at the Indie Grits Labs HQ on Thurs. September 26. 

The “Real Fiction Project” focuses on current news and media literacy issues facing Southeast communities. In a press release, the folks at Indie Grits put it like this: “Journalism across the Southeast is under threat as large media outlets consume each other and local coverage is diminished and downsized with disappearing resources. However, anyone with a cellphone has 24/7 access to a deluge of digital information from an unfiltered, international media landscape increasingly saturated with false news and misinformation.”

Learn more about Indie Grits online at indiegrits.org.