Indigo Market, a locally-based store selling vintage and new furniture, art, jewelry, and gifts, opens at 1094 Morrison Drive (a.k.a. right across the street from Edmund’s Oast) next Thurs. Oct. 1. 

[image-3]Co-owners Liz Lyday and Chrissie Batten’s store will focus on vintage furniture, something they both have experience selling at their booths at the Mt. Pleasant Mall, a vendor space for new and pre-owned furniture. “It’s a hobby turned into a career,” says Lyday, who adds that as the duo’s respective children have gotten older the two have found more time on their hands to pursue their passion.

Indigo Market will take over the space previously occupied by I. Wilson Baker photography. Lyday and Batten have added windows back into the building; Baker had filled them in with cement (for what we can only assume were dark-room purposes). Lyday says that the “industrial” feel of the building is appropriate for Indigo Market, especially since a lot of the pieces they sell require that the buyer puts in a little DIY time.

Customers can select pieces and pick out paint colors for Indigo Market to lacquer the furniture. Lyday says that she and Batten find the best furniture in areas outside of Charleston, with Florida offering the best market for the kinds of pieces they’re looking for: furniture from the 1970s. Groovy.
With a range of prices and both ready-to-sell and need-some-love pieces available, Lyday says that the store caters to all kinds of customers, as long as they’re on the lookout for “one-of-a-kind pieces” you can’t find in a big-name or chain furniture store. 

The store’s hours are Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.