In Charleston, it seems like the sun never sets. Even in the winter months, we still experience temperatures that are high enough to adorn shorts and even sandals. And while sunscreen sometimes doesn’t feel like a priority – those messy spray bottles are a pain – entrepreneur and College of Charleston graduate Arianna Megaro is making it one with her invention BlokRok.

BlokRok is a handheld device that uses a roll-on applicator to apply sunscreen, and it is refillable as well as reusable. “You never actually have to touch the sunscreen with your hands … That’s what I see as being the biggest benefit,” Megaro says.

Megaro has been working on the design of BlokRok for a year and a half. “We had about six or seven prototypes, which kind of shows how much thought and trial and error went into the process,” Megaro says. Now Megaro is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign and has until Saturday afternoon to meet her goal of $45,000 to take the BlokRok prototype to production. Donors who give $28 or more will receive a free BlokRok.