The CBD industry is exploding — and you can invest with just $296. Franny’s Farmacy is looking for investors to grow its Carolinas-based franchise and e-commerce biz by selling equity in their distribution company. Their first online public offering campaign raised $107,000 in just seven days and there is still time to invest in their cannabis OPO.

Franny’s Distribution is a CBD Wholesaler and Distributor that leverages vertical integration to cut down costs and reliance on manufacturers. Using simple and pure ingredients, no fillers or unnecessary ingredients will ever go into their products. Focused on ethical work practices and responsible production, they are building a quality-first brand in the exploding CBD market.

The biggest hurdle with most CBD suppliers is consistency, and that same hurdle will determine whether your business will last, or be forgotten as a casualty of the “CBD wild west.” The products sold at gas stations and head shops greatly misrepresent the ingredients, and strengths of CBD, and that’s why many write it off as a fad. That’s until they try a quality product.

Franny’s Distribution handles every step of the production line which ensures high-quality products, spotless reputations and prevents them from the normal hiccups of the CBD and hemp industry.

That is why Franny’s Farmacy has decided to enter the CBD franchising industry. We offer a turnkey solution in an exploding market. You’ll see a lot of imposters claiming to be seed-to-shelf, or working with local farms, but in reality, it’s all marketing.

“As part of our product development process, we spent a good bit of time researching the currently offered products and their ingredients,” Jeff Tacy, Franny’s co-founder and president, says. “Simply put, there are a ton of scams happening in this industry, and unfortunately, many consumers are being taken advantage of.”

Franny’s Farmacy is 100 percent vertically integrated. This means we grow, process, package, and then manufacture all of the products found within our dispensaries and our CBD online shop, which ships for free to all 50 states! Use the promo code “loyal” for 15 percent off your first order!

Learn more about Franny’s Farmacy by visiting their website and to learn more about investing in this fast growing company visit