[image-1] Dock About, the debut EP from indie duo Invisible from Inside, is a trip down memory lane, if that road were to lead you to the present. The album’s a modern take on shimmering folk and relaxed acoustic rock that finds influence across several decades.

There’s a gloss and twang, like something out of a late ’60s folk rock tune, on tracks like “Among” and “Secret Hideout.” The band counters those with a modern swing and drum machine on “Somewhere,” and a catchy melody on “Alive” that shows the band harmonizing in their respective baritones.

“There are a lot of sounds going on at the same time so I would say listen closely to everything,” guitarist Eric Hulsebos says. “We wanted to bring fun, chill, and meaningful music during times that need it most.”

Hulsebos is joined by vocalist/bassist/percussionist Jesse Beam in Invisible from Inside. Beam and Hulsebos’ chemistry creates some laid-back but compelling tracks on Dock About. According to the band, the album focuses on what the cover portrays: being alive out in the sun. In that respect, they succeed.

The album feels like a quiet afternoon floating down a river, sourcing its sound from tranquility and all the thoughts that come along with it.