Local comedy duo Nameless Numberhead, comprised of Maari Suorsa and Henry Riggs, have released a new video to help get us through the current pandemic-induced quarantine.

Titled “Craft Beer” the bit features two bros expressing their complete and utter adoration of IPAs. The video pokes fun at beer snobs (at times, we must), with the pair noting the “skunk” and “poisonous” undertones of the very local beers they try.

Directed by Dries Vandenberg, “Craft Beer” was filmed at Holy City Brewing’s old location on Dorchester Road. The video stars Suorsa and Riggs as the dudes, HC’s Paul Pavlich as the “disinterested bartender,” and music from Mechanical River.

Suorsa and Riggs have a few other videos they’ll be releasing soon, so stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram to catch all the fun.