You know how reality TV is, each show has to have a villain and a hero, a hottie and a certifiable crazy. Based on the latest clip released from Bravo’s Top Chef: Charleston, our own Chef Emily Hahn of Warehouse may have been pegged as the latter.

In the latest clip, released on People magazine’s website, right at the get-go Hahn comes out saying “I’m not a rookie chef. I’m ready to prove that I’m fucking good at it.” 

From there we see the contestants fly through Whole Foods, race up the Confederate Museum steps, get greeted by Darius Rucker and Mike Lata, stand on a shrimp boat, then the camera cuts to Hahn sobbing, “You fucking insensitive people!”

In addition to Hahn stealing the sizzle reel, we’ve learned who the eight veteran contestants are, according to People:

Sam Talbot (Season 2: Los Angeles — who I interviewed for CP way back when), Casey Thompson (Season 3: Miami & Season 8: All-Stars), Amanda Baumgarten (Season 7: Washington, D.C.), Brooke Williamson (Season 10: Seattle), Sheldon Simeon (Season 10: Seattle), John Tesar (Season 10: Seattle), Shirley Chung (Season 11: New Orleans), and Katsuji Tanabe (Season 12: Boston).

So is Hahn going to be this season’s lunatic? Stay tuned for Top Chef: Charleston’s premiere at 10 pm E.T. on Thurs., Dec. 1.