The New York Times recently published an article referring to Bank of America Chamber Series director Geoff Nuttall as the “Jon Stewart of chamber music.”

Johanna Keller wrote,

“Like that television comedian, Mr. Nuttall is a creatively daring, physically talented performer who can go goofball in a nanosecond, maintaining a veneer of entertainment while educating his base about serious matters (classical music, as against politics for Mr. Stewart).

“Mr. Nuttall, for all his onstage high jinks, is indisputably a violin virtuoso and an extraordinary musician. In his first three seasons as director, while maintaining the high musical standards of the series, he has established a new style of presentation that juxtaposes the ridiculous with the sublime, delves into serious musicology and casually uses technology. In short, he is subtly redefining what a chamber music concert can be.”

Head over to the New York Times for the full read.