[image-1]Following a days-long spectacle that we here at the City Paper have dubbed Teck Fest, it has become clear that the city’s new mayor fully intends to live up to his first campaign promise that “There will be more live music in Charleston.”

In addition to featuring numerous live acts throughout his inauguration weekend, Mayor John Tecklenburg showcased his musical skills during a community concert and family day at Hampton Park on Saturday.


A former student of the Berklee College of Music, the new mayor entertained supporters with a few of his favorite jazz numbers, but his performance raises the question: Is it time for John Tecklenburg to start the first municipal rock band for the city of Charleston? As the people of the Holy City await an answer, here are a few suggestions for possible band names:

Smiles Davis

John’s Addiction


Teck (like Beck)

Captain Teckheart

Tecko and the Bunnymen

John Tecklenburg and the Murder Junkies

Pusha T

Tecking Back Sunday

The Fabulous Tecklenbirds

Bossman John and the Tecktones

Teck Me Home Tonight

Emerson, Teck, and Palmer


John Mayor (with his hit single, “Your Body is a Tecklenburg”)

Teck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


Teck N9ne