I was already fully prepared to support Democratic senatorial nominee Bob Conley as a protest vote against Lindsey Graham. Now, I’m prepared to fully support Bob Conley on his own merits, who based on his issues is a full blown Ron Paul conservative Democrat, whose even more Pat Buchananesque than Paul on trade. Pinch me! Am I dreaming! From the Associated Press:

“Bob Conley, who wears his hair in a 1960s style that earned him the nickname “Flat-Top Bob,” voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primary, ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for an Indiana state House seat and backs GOP positions on abortion, same-sex marriage and illegal immigration.

“We’ve nominated a Republican in a Democratic primary,” attorney Michael Cone, Conley’s opponent, said Wednesday.

Last month, Conley explained in an interview that he walked away from the Republican Party years ago out of frustration over trade and immigration policies and the Iraq invasion. He contends that conservative positions on social policies, some of which stem from his Catholic beliefs, are valued in South Carolina and are not owned by Republicans.

“That party can go to the devil,” he said.

Damn straight! Go Bob Go!

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