You know, you have to feel just a little bit sorry for Tom Davis. While Sanford delivered the most gloriously inept speech of his speech of his life — in front of the entire nation — Sen. Davis (R-Beaufort), former Sanford chief of staffer, had to listen to the governor bring up his name — “my good friend Tom Davis” — again and again and again. How embarrassing.

Well, after days of defending Sanford, Davis seems to have finally grown tired of the good guv’s continued gaffes and missteps. Now, in an official statement, Davis is indicating that he is thinking real hard like about whether he will ask for Sanford’s resignation, which is more or less, the same thing calling for the governor to step down.

You can read the press release yourself. Maybe you’ll come to a different conclusion then me. But I’d bet dollars to donuts that this is one friendship that has come to an end.