Oh, the long-lost days of grade school Valentine’s Day parties. A time when all you had to do to earn a stick of gum was paste a crookedly cut heart onto a shoe box and write your name in Sharpie. Things just aren’t that easy, anymore…are they? Why yes, yes they can be.

For you spicy-loving fans of that Big Red gum, shake some gusto into your love life this Valentine’s Day with Wasabi, who is offering a Valentine’s Day special replete with tasty food, drinks, and everyone’s favorite Japanese horseradish. (Alright, truth be told, you don’t have to love a mouth on fire to go here. Anyone can find something they love.) And if you can’t get your sweetheart down on Tuesday for a nice dinner together, keep in mind that Wasabi is also offering set three-course dinners for only $25.00 through the end of February! Doesn’t it feel good to save some money? It’s almost like we’re kids again.