• T. Ballard Lesemann
  • Charleston singer/guitarist Tommy Thunderfoot at Bowens Island’s dock stage

Piccolo Spoleto’s annual Blues on the Dock events are always a cool part of its Blues & Jazz series — for the live music, camaraderie, and the atmosphere. The series kicked off at Bowens Island Restaurant (1870 Bowens Island Road, just off of the southend stretch of Folly Road) on Fri. May 28 with a set from guitarist Steve James. The view from the dock and patios behind the restaurant overlooking Sol Legare Creek (off the Long Island River) and the oyster-rich marshes are absolutely gorgeous. It’s a sweet setting for a casual blues/Americana gig.

Things bounce back into action this afternoon (Sun. May 30) at 4 p.m. with two veteran local acts — Momma’s Blues Palace Reunion and Tommy Thunderfoot & The Accelerators. Singer/guitarist Thunderfoot reports that this will be his last gig in town until December, when he returns from a stay down in Tampa. “It’s no more hometown for a while,” he says. “If you used to come out to hear my band, or Momma’s band at the Blues Palace or anywhere else in this town in the past decades, then you won’t wanna miss this. It’s the best show in town that we’re playin’ in, so put down the hotdog, put on a clean shirt, and get to Bowens for a show you won’t forget.”

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  • Momma’s Blues Palace Reunion

Momma’s Blues Palace Reunion (a.k.a. the Redemption Band) handle a funky mix of blues, rock, and boogie. The lineup features Momma, Poppa DuPree, and JoJo, along with Jim and Lisa Matthews and other local guests. Admission to this afternoon’s event is $16.

The Blues on the Dock series continues this week with performances by guitarists Bob Margolin Band and Nature Boy Nik on Sun. June 6 at 4 p.m., and Louis D, Ed “Porkchop” Meyer and Smoky Weiner & the Hot Links during a Saturday Night Fish Fry on Sat. June 12 at 8 p.m.