It’s finally over.

Last night at Middleton Place was a terrific cap to this year’s Spoleto Festival.

We’ve seen a lot this year. Some expected, some unexpected, a lot of it memorable, all of it worth doing all over again.

But not for another year.

Meanwhile, it’s time to see what we’ve accomplished.

Here’s the breakdown of what we’ve done, says our resident web genius Josh Curry (who also took the above photo; he’s our resident photog genius, too).

An estimated 5,000-6,000 people read Spoleto Buzz

The tally for Spoleto Buzz, Eargasms, and Spoleto Party Blog:

388 posts (including archives) were read

18,388 times

980 views per day on average

A comparative tally for all of City Paper‘s blogs since May 23:

In 2007: 308,967 hits from 16,768 visits

In 2008: 742,000 hits from 58,396 visits