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  • Go For Launch (the Charleston, SC version)

Local rock/pop/indie band Go for Launch is set to release a raw, live-to-disc, untitled EP this week. The quintet will reveal a new band name as well. Bandmates Jim Faust, Will Cox, Chaz Straney, Scott Dence, and Stefan Rogenmoser formed in 2010 and worked up a set of melodic and jivin’ guitar pop and garage-rock. They crammed some of it into CDs last week.

“We just recorded these songs two weeks ago in our practice space,” Rogenmoser says. “It’s all 100 percent live — vocals and everything. There were no overdubs. We just kept rolling with what we played, mistakes and all. We love that bleed-through sound you get from recording live. The instruments blend nicely. I think four takes was the most we did on one song, but the rest were done in one or two takes. You could call it lo-fi. We figured it’s time to capture the live feel of the band. So that’s what we did. It’s all about capturing the live energy we put into the performances.”

The new discs will be available at the CD release show at Tin Roof this week. The band also plans to announce its name at the show. The group wanted to keep the original moniker, but they were threatened with legal action by a New York-based group of the same name.

“Apparently there’s another Go For Launch from Brooklyn, and they’re a jam band,” says Rogenmoser . “They sent Chaz a cease-and-desist letter about a year ago.” The band I contacted former Charleston musician and music writer Ashford Tucker, who’s currently studying copyright law in New York. “He gave us some great advice about contesting their copyright claim,” Rogenmoser adds. He and his bandmates filed contesting claim, but the other Go For Launch maintained the copyright.

Go For Launch shares the stage with the Lean Few at the Tin Roof at 10 p.m. on Thurs. March 8. Admission is $5. Visit myspace.com/goforlaunchband for more.