The news out today is all bad for the economy. Stocks diving, once-unbeatable investment firms bought up by crumbling financial institutions, Eva Longoria either fat or pregnant (maybe both).

Surely our burgeoning new world leaders will have something to say about this. Obama again rings the alarm while John McCain just can’t bring himself to worry.

“My opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals of America are strong…. Our workers have always been the strength of our economy, and they remain the strength of our economy today.”

He has to say the fundamentals of the economy are strong because McCain has already reduced his own credibility on economic issues. If the fundamentals weren’t strong, his resume would look a little like a nameless Gap associate applying for Dolce’s job.

I’m not saying McCain is wrong. The fundamentals of the economy (as he sees it) may, in fact, be strong. But it doesn’t matter if McCain’s fundamentals are strong. It doesn’t matter if we are, in fact, a nation of whiners. Because the news today is about nothing but the crumbling investment firms. Because people in swing states have seen the jobs dry up. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what John McCain or Anderson Cooper tell us. It’s when your boss looks at you and says, “Sorry, just a 1 percent raise this year.” That is the base level of the economy — the fundamentals. And that scene is playing out everywhere.

It’s well past the time to drop the campaign line, John McCain.