[image-1]How they found time book more shows — what, with all the mayoral stage-diving and celebratin’ goin’ on — is a mystery, but the North Charleston Performing Arts Center just announced a show sate for veteran California singer/songwriter Jackson Browne. The smooth-voiced guitarist embarks on a “solo acoustic tour” this season. He visits Charleston on Mon. March 24. Tickets go on sale for $49 and $42 on Fri. Jan. 25 at 10 a.m.

[image-2]While pundits recommend to cite his early, groovier/soft-rock hits (“Runnin’ On Empty,” “Doctor My Eyes,” “The Load Out”) as sturdy faves, I readily admit to owning a copy of his 1980 album Hold Out, featuring the electric guitar-driven hits “Boulevard” and “That Girl Could Sing” and loads of Randy Newman-esque piano ballads — all dripping with SoCal vibes.

A bit of JB trivia: his 1982 #7 hit single “Somebody’s Baby” was never released on an actual studio album, but rather hit the charts from the soundtrack for Fast Times at Ridgemont High.