Ruta Smith

[image-1] Jaee Bryant released a surprise (and surprisingly long) track over the weekend titled "No Justice No Peace." Recorded in 2018, the track is an epic set of jazz and soul-influenced beats and Bryant's usual cool persona on the mic.

"No Justice No Peace" contains several mixes and beats, almost like a few songs for the price of one. Spanning from trippy to groovy, Bryant's got a little flavor of all of his influences on this track. In addition, all donations from the track will go to families who lost someone to police brutality, he told the City Paper.
[content-1] Bryant's been productive during 2020, promising two albums, Too Serious for Television and To Live and Die in Charleston, and delivering a surprise LP, Silkk Possyum. Given that "No Justice No Peace" was recorded in 2018, the rapper might be sitting on a backlog of material, as well.