For those not in the know, there is no bigger honor in the world of foodie accolades than the James Beard Awards, and Charleston has never been better represented than this year, with Mike Lata (FIG), Sean Brock (McCrady’s), and Robert Stehling(Hominy Grill) all contending for culinary immortality with a prized nomination.  Lata and Stehling are going for best chef Southeast, Brock for best “rising star” chef in the entire country, and we have touched down in the Big Apple to bring it all back live and in color – what better way to rejuvenate our laggard of a food blog over here at the City Paper?

[image-1]What could this mean for Charleston?  Well, we’ve had a few Beard awards in the past – most notably the “American Classics” nod given to Robert Barber and Bowen’s Island a couple of years back, but we’ve never really shown up in force – at least not until this year.

Stay tuned over the weekend for ongoing shots from the festivities and results from the gala awards ceremony Sunday night. 

 …but first, we’re scarfing down a taste of home at the Big Apple Barbeque Festival at Madison Square Park.  As soon as we finish packing down a bit more of Ed Mitchell’s sinful porkers, we’ll post a few more pictures.