We stuffed ourselves silly with smoked pork between the towering facades of downtown Manhattan, a scene that showcased more people eating BBQ than I’ve ever personally witnessed.  It’s clear that New Yorkers love their pigs as [image-1]much as your average bubba on a South Carolina 4th of July.  With the thermometer topping 95 degrees yesterday, they got a real dose of it too.

We were overjoyed to run into Anne Marie and Jimmy Hagood and their Blackjack BBQ rig, who we are told is on the front end of a two week trip to the Empire state that will culminate in a Today show cook-off between Jimmy and none other than Ed Mitchell himself.  They were nice enough to invite us up on top of the rig for a fine plate of SC “Q”, a couple of ice cold beers, and a chat with some famous actress that we should have heard of, but don’t watch enough TV to know.[image-2][image-3][image-4][image-5][image-6]