[image-1]When James Island lost Black Bean Co. on Folly Road, it saw a sad day. Owner Ellis Grossman’s fast casual spot was the busiest of his three Black Beans at the time. But he closed it citing “changes in federal health care insurance laws and overtime regulations. He said it’s not financially viable to keep all of them open,” according to the Post & Courier.

Fortunately for JI-ers, there’s a comparable replacement that just opened. Restaurateur and chef Thomas Smith has reopened 869 Folly Rd. as Hen and The Goat and its simple menu and family friendly environment, should be good news for neighbors.

We popped by this morning for breakfast. Inside, the space has been whitewashed and updated with shiplap banquettes, tables, and even the occasional grey throw pillow. Tables are decorated with mason jar bouquets and service is at the counter.

We ordered the salmon bagel, Simply Eggs — two eggs your way, choice of meat, hash browns, toast — and a blueberry muffin. Everything tasted fresh and the service was quick and friendly. Only one qualm, the tinny corporate jazz soundtrack could use a hard skip, but other than that, we’ll be back for more soon.

Hen and The Goat is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mon.-Sun.
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