Local songwriter and guitarist James Justin Burke has a brand-new collection of melodic and atmospheric songs almost ready for release.

As with his 2010 solo debut Southern Son, So Far, Burke tracked the new material at Plowground Productions, a home studio on Johns Island run by Charleston drummer Jim Donnelly (of the Hawkes).

A promotional video shot and produced by local photographer David Keller (of Charleston Video Service) shows Burke plugging his Fender Stratocaster into amps, tuning up, and strumming around. An exclamation fades onto the screen, announcing Burke is recording his “spellbinding second album.”

A voice-over features the songwriter explaining, “I told Jim I was ready to record the next record, and he said, ‘Well I’m ready to go to the looney bin with you.’” He adds, “We worked really hard on this record, and it’s definitely going to take everyone who listens to it to another place.”

Burke’s next local performance is at the West Ashley Home Team BBQ on Tues. Feb. 22. Visit jamesjustinmusic.com for more.