The day after reports came out that the management of the Jacksonville Symphony had ended its nine-week lock-out of its musicians, a new report came out today about a symphony of comparable size in Ohio proposing cut backs to its orchestral musicians.

The administration of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra unveiled a plan yesterday to downsize the orchestra. The plan includes, according to the Columbus Dispatch:

• Cutting the number of full-time musicians from 53 to 31

• Reducing performance weeks from 46 to 34

• Eliminating about $3 million from the $12 million annual budget

There’s a good chance we’ll see a battle ensue in Columbus the way we did in Jacksonville. The battled ended with a new five-year deal calling for a salary freeze at last season’s pay scale but a pay increase of 2.5 percent in the fourth year and 3 percent in the fifth.

The spokesman for the musicians called it “the best contract both sides could work out.”

The difference between the two situations so far is that the orchestra administrators in Columbus haven’t embarrassed themselves with failures of leadership, questionable bookkeeping, leaked confidential emails or stupid comments to the press, actions that may have led to their eventual compromise with its musicians.