South Carolina’s license tags got a facelift a few years back, but local designer Jay Fletcher took another whack at it recently for the State Plates Project.

The State Plates Project asks graphic designers from across the country to reimagine their state’s car tags. New plates are posted every few days on Tumblr, with nice looking entries from Idaho and New Jersey, just to name two. Many of the plates, including Fletcher’s, fall back on the traditional pressed metal look, which South Carolina retired with its old ‘Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places’ design in the late 2000s in favor of plastic print.

Incorporating the state’s ubiquitous palmetto and crescent, Fletcher’s design uses a stylized script for the state name and prints out S.C.’s simple motto, ‘While I breath, I hope.’ Explaining his design, Fletcher said he knows the symbol has been “done to death,” but that he wanted to “bring it up to speed” for the project.

Take a look at Fletcher’s plate here and take a spin over to for more.