Jazz on the Screen with the CJO
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  • Jazz on the Screen with the CJO

Charleston’s “resident big band” the Charleston Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz Artists of Charleston announced the first concert of its 2011 season. For the Sat. Jan. 29 opener at the Charleston Music Hall, CJO conductor and trumpeter Charlton Singleton arranged special dual-media program titled Jazz on the Screen.

Singleton worked on pieces with various orchestra members that are “designed to resonate with the listener in a way that excites the old tunes with freshness and flair.” The band’s season closer in November included rendition of the James Bond theme, hinting at the cinematic theme of this month’s show. Expect melodies from both the big screen and small screen, classic and modern.

Advance tickets are on sale now for $20 (adults), $25 (seniors), and $20 (students). Call the JAC at (843) 641-0011 or visit thejac.org for more info.