Behind the decks, Jeff Turner — otherwise known as JeffET — is a mysterious figure. With his hoodie up and a pair of blue shades hiding his eyes, he suitably plays the silent DJ role when he’s spinning vinyl at #NewMoney Thursday at Club NV or at one of JLINSNIDER’s First Friday parties. But underneath that cool kid facade is a dude in a Captain’s Comics T-shirt.

THROWING SHADE. Yeah, so about those shades. First of all, they’re not sunglasses, and Turner isn’t just one of “those guys” mocked by pretty much everyone — he wears his blue lenses for medical reasons. “I’ve got a doctor’s note,” he says. “As soon as I got them, it was the worst thing because every customer was [singing] ‘I wear my sunglassses at night.’ Seriously?” Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine Turner without them on.

TICK TOCK. It’s also rare that you’ll see Turner unaccompanied by a gigantic gold wristwatch, a souvenir from a gig at Biton, where they offered him a big chunk of store credit in exchange for his DJ services. “I was like, oh, guess I’m getting those True Religion jeans I’ve been waiting on, and I can get half a pair with this money,” he says, before he decided to get a watch instead. Now his gold timepiece rarely leaves his arm. “It’s always a bad day when I don’t have my watch on. That’s how I get girls to talk to me,” he says. “I would sleep in my watch, because I’m always wearing it, but I have to take it off when I play Street Fighter, because it messes up my controller. It’s too much extra wrist movement.”

CRITICAL HIT. Turner’s our Class Clown, but he could also easily be the Biggest Nerd too (no offense). He recently spent a Saturday at Captain’s Comics annual expo, stocking up on comics and prints. Turner also took the opportunity to pick up a few accessories, like a wallet handmade from the pages of a comic book and a four-sided Dungeons and Dragons dice ring. “I get so amped on shit that’s like, oh, that’s cool-looking, but let ’em know you got that nerd shit going on,” he says. “Homegirl saw my ring and she was like, ‘Oh I got D4. I don’t have it from playing Magic [the Gathering] though.’ And I was like, uh — I play D&D.”

FUR GET IT. Jeff ET’s a vegetarian — who likes to wear fur. “I ain’t going to eat you,” he explains, although, “if someone has already made a fur vest or a fur collar, I’m going to buy that. You already made it.” He won’t buy a brand-new pelt, but he still wants to do whatever it takes to be, as he describes it, the Tarzan of Charleston. “What is your personal style?” he asks. “King of the jungle. Jungle king.”