[image-1]Jen Snyder’s HMS Log Book, 2016 Part Two is now on sale at Blue Bicycle Books. We wrote about Part One in January. This log book is divided into two parts for each year to maintain its portability. You can also buy the book online, here

Rather than presenting the user with potentially daunting blank pages, the log book provides writers with fill-in-the-blanks pages that make journaling quick and easy. Daily categories include weather, medication, mood, obstacles, indulgences, intentions, water consumed, stress level, exercise, gratitude, and meditation. Each page also includes the day’s moon phase, astrological aspects, and an inspirational quote.

In a review of the book astrologer Emily Trinkaus says, “It’s so helpful to have a daily invitation to pause and reflect on my intention, my habits, and my emotional state … I see how, by tracking my daily rhythms and routines, I’ll be better able to get a big-picture perspective on what’s working and what’s not working in my life — seeing how my choices and intentions each day affect the results I’m trying to create.”