Jenny Lewis has been building an army of swooners for 15 years, and the Music Farm was full of them last night, including none other than Charlestonian Bill Murray. It was heartwarming to witness her Holy City fan demographic, a smorgasbord of listeners clinging to lyrics all had memorized for assuredly wildly different reasons.

From Rilo Kiley anthems to solo favorites, the indie rock sweetheart filled the performance with both unreleased as well as familiar songs that span her entire career. Many have journeyed with her over the years through some simultaneously experienced tough times, as was evident in the empowering “Rise Up Fists!!,” the effectual “Silver Lining,” and within the careful reminders (“When you’re sleeping with someone who doesn’t get you, you’re gonna hate yourself in the morning”) of Rabbit Fur Coat’s, “Melt Your Heart.”

Lewis also announced the title of her forthcoming solo album, Voyager, and tried out new songs like “She’s Not Me,” the final encore that followed the truth-talking “Acid Tongue.” With an acoustic guitar and the rest of the band gathered ‘round another mic, Lewis delicately confessed, “To be lonely is a habit / Like smoking or taking drugs / And I’ve quit them both / But man was it rough.”

And though Lewis soothed souls all night with quiet favorites like “Pretty Bird” and “You Are What You Love,” the most emotional moments were had during the show’s sentimental-but-mighty closer, “A Better Son/Daughter.” Hearts swelled and eyes welled as everyone said goodbye and sang along, “But you’ll fight and you’ll make it through / And you’ll fake it if you have to…Your ship might be comin’ in / You’re weak but not giving in.”