It’s the year of Bacon. How do I know this?

For one, The Macintosh won not only the City Paper’s Best New Restaurant award, but it also got to the semifinals in the James Beard Awards for best new restaurant in the country, while Bacon was a semifinalist in the Best Chef Southeast award.

Then last week, Bon Appétit announced that The Macintosh made their Best 50 New Restaurants in America list. And today comes word from Charleston Wine + Food that Bacon tops the list for their Ultimate Critic’s Dinner. He’ll join the returning Mike Lata (FIG), Sean Brock (Husk/McCrady’s), Emily Cookson (Charleston Grill), and Mickey Bakst (Charleston Grill) along with new chefs Michelle Weaver of Charleston Grill, Frank Lee of SNOB, and Josh Keeler of Two Boroughs Larder in putting together the ultimate dinner of the year. The event will be the first to take place in the Old Towne Creek County Park, a family farm that was recently deeded to the Lowcountry Open Land Trust and is now available to the public. Tickets cost a whopping $250, but proceeds benefit the festival’s signature charity (yet to be announced) and the experience should prove to be pretty unforgettable.

  • The Baconator

As for Bacon, we’re excited to see him finally getting the recognition he’s due. We first reviewed his food back in 2007 when he first took over as exec. chef at Carolina’s. It’s fun to go back and read Jeff Allen’s glowing assessment of Bacon’s talent. Now that he’s finally on the map, we wonder how long it will take him to nab the Beard Award?