5dd4/1248716729-detail_173_ms-pacman-md.jpgOn Aug. 1, Suite Sole is hosting a trunk show for jewelry designer Dalia Dalili. The show, called “Ironic Iconic,” will feature the newest pieces from Dalili’s unique line, Mock Couture, a tribute to growing up during the ’80s.

Dalili, a graduate of the Charleston School of the Arts, loved the simplicity of childhood, which for her meant long hours at the arcade playing video games like Pac Man and Super Mario Bros. From these treasured memories, Dalili has created a line made up of unique, hand-painted accessories that pay homage to the ’80s through quirky designs like cassette tapes and video game characters.

“Accessories are a key staple in any wardrobe; the icing on the cake, the ribbon on a present,” says Dalili. Her hand-crafted accessories, affordably priced at $10-$25, are made from plastic Perler beads and come in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. With each piece, Mock Couture hopes to draw you back to a time when it was okay to eat junk food, and boom boxes and floppy discs ruled the world.

The show is from 6-9 p.m. Rocky Horror will bring the jams, Cupcake will bring the cupcakes.