Sen. Jim DeMint’s latest attempt to wrest the attention of the national media has come from the opening of the new Congressional visitor center. DeMint, who successfully fought for inclusion of religious text on monuments in the center says that the Congress didn’t get churchy enough with the center exhibits.

DeMint said the center still misrepresents American history by downplaying the faith of the Founding Fathers and other prominent figures.

“The current Capitol Visitor Center displays are left-leaning and in some cases distort our true history,” DeMint said. The center’s “most prominent display proclaims faith not in God, but in government.”

It was left to DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton to translate the senator’s complaint to something a little less offensive to non-Christians — a little.

In emphasizing religion in American history, DeMint was “referring to our Judeo-Christian heritage,” but he wasn’t excluding Islam or other religions, Denton said.

Asked whether a passage from the Koran would be appropriate for the Capitol Visitor Center, Denton said it would depend on its context in American history.