[embed-1] Looks like there’s a limit to “casual Fridays” at the U.S. House of Representatives.    

U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham tried to take a mix-and-match six-pack of local Westbrook and Coast beer onto the House floor this morning.

But apparently the no-fun police at the capitol told him that was not allowed, according to a tweet by Politico reporter Laura Barrón-López.

“It’s Friday too,” he reportedly laughed as he turned around.

[image-1] The brewskis were meant as nothing more than a gesture of solidarity, according to Cunningham communication director Rebecca Drago.

“Joe has always made it a priority to highlight Lowcountry breweries and the important role they play in regards to the local economy, tourism, etc,” she said in an email to CP.

“He has been talking to his colleagues about the Lowcountry’s thriving craft brewery scene, and wanted to give some to the head of the Bipartisan Beer Caucus (House Small Brewers Caucus), Rep. DaFazio. Unfortunately, he had a flight to catch immediately after votes and didn’t have time to bring it to DeFazio’s office so he thought he’d be efficient and bring it to the floor. Didn’t work out … but happy to report that he left it in the Cloakroom and DeFazio got it in the end!”

In a follow-up photo posted by Barron-Lopez, Rep. DeFazio is seen carrying the sixer which includes Westbrook White Thai and One Claw Rye Pale Ale plus Coast Dead Arm Pale Ale.