There’s been a tiny hole in Charleston’s comedy scene for the last few months. And that hole can only be filled with a banana.

Of course, we’re talking about the absence of John Brennan, the local actor and comic who stars in the one-man show The Banana Manologues. He moved to New York last year to study and perform with the Upright Citizens Brigade. But sometimes he misses the Holy City; he returns to town during Piccolo to present his popular show — with a twist.

For the first time ever, Brennan will perform the Banana Manologues — notice the subtle difference in spelling from Brennan’s previous show. Joining the comedian is Camille Lowman of Mary Kay Has a Posse, another popular Theatre 99 improv show. Lowman will play the role of Brennan’s crazy ex-girlfriend Alexis.

While Brennan has been performing since 2003, the Banana Monologues first emerged in 2006. The idea for the act came from Brennan’s co-writer Jason Cooper, who wrote the book Tales from the Relationship. Brennan was inspired by his stories and developed an entire plot line about one man, one relationship, and all the baggage that comes with it. “All men think with their penis,” Brennan says. “This guy, Gus Weiderman, talks to his ‘banana,’ and in this show, his banana talks back.”

Gus is a mild-mannered pharmacist who has always been afraid to listen to his, um, banana, afraid to lose control of his actions. But his Sergeant Johnson has a mind of his own and only wants one thing: action, specifically from Alexis. Alexis falls for Gus’ cute demeanor and learns she can control him through his johnson.

Since moving to New York, Brennan hasn’t been able to perform with long-time Charleston peers like Lowman, so he says the Piccolo performances are a welcomed treat.