Charleston Burger Co. is no average burger joint.

Chef and owner John E. Cuff, who was the executive chef at Rosebank Farms Café for 12 years, has created a restaurant featuring massive high-end burgers. Charleston Burger Co. opened in February out near Bees Ferry at 2875 Ashley River Road
. You won’t find anything particularly healthy here, but think Epic Meal Time and you’re on the right track.

The menu starts with the Classic Burger (lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles — $7.50 with fries or homemade chips) and heads off into meatier and gooier options. There’s the Mac Attack ($8.50) with bacon and mac and cheese. Or you could opt for the Kitchen Sink ($10.50), which comes overloaded with fried egg, griddled ham, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and applewood smoked bacon. Then in gets smothered in American, cheddar and provolone cheese. Woof.

The Bubba Burger starts with the classic and lets you add toppings (.75 a pop) that range from spicy chili and smothered onions to habañero salsa and pulled pork barbecue.

  • The Killer Beehive: American cheese, bacon, a stack of buttermilk battered onion rings & honey barbecue sauce

The burgers are 7 ounces of Angus beef that’s ground in house daily. And you get lots of choices and options, from the bread (sesame kaiser or brioche) to the cooking method (chargrilled on an open grill or smashed on a flat top).

  • The Inferno: spicy habanero salsa, pepper jack cheese, chili pepper mayonnaise

Hot dogs, fried mac & cheese, and veggie dogs are offered for those who are burger-phobic, as well as various chicken options.

“Simple quality and consistency,” is Cuff’s approach to Charleston Burger Co.

If your arteries are still ready to put up a mean fight, Cuff will fill your belly. Just don’t expect the Epic Meal Time similarities to mean they’ll have Jack Daniels syrup or Four Loco mac & cheese.