Throughout the month of July, well-known photographer and painter John Duckworth will be opening his state-of-the-art studio to the masses. Duckworth’s studio manager Ashton Chandler tells us that guests will be able to see the artist’s Landscape Abstract photography series, a sequence of photographs that “provide the viewer with a sense of place, while allowing each individual to embrace the image and channel their own visual history.”

The photographs are a mixture of surrealism and realism, characterized by focused horizons and saturated colors.

John Duckworth was born in San Diego but moved to Charleston in 1993. He received his B.A in Studio Art from the College of Charleston, and more recently, he settled with his 8-year-old-son into a 100-year-old-farmhouse on Johns Island. He then went on to renovate a farm building into his painting, framing, and photography studio. 

Examples of Duckworth’s work and works in progress will also be on display. The studio, which is a renovated barn, is located on Johns Island. To visit, make an appointment by calling Chandler at (803) 260-3409 or by emailing her at ashton@jduckworth.com.