Why did John Kerry lose the 2004 presidential election? Was it because the combined might of the right-wing propaganda machine somehow managed to portray the war hero as a wuss? Was it because all the voting machines in Ohio were supplied by a company whose owners were die-hard Bush supporters? Or was it simply because all the strip-you-naked-and-throw-you-in-a-casket-to-confess-all-your-sins former Skull and Bones frat boys took a vote and decided that was the way it was going to be? Who knows? But I have a theory, and it’s a shallow one at that — John Kerry is a bore.

Just look at the latest post from his blog:

Keep Up the Fight for an Open Internet

by John Kerry on October 5th, 2007

Last week I posted here to hear your views on how to expand Internet access for everyone, including America’s small businesses.

Our country lacks a clear national broadband strategy, which is inexcusable in an area so critical for our economic competitiveness. The President promised nationwide broadband deployment by 2007 but hasn’t even delivered a strategy to get there, let alone any actual accomplishments toward the goal…

So, in advance of our Senate Small Business Committee hearing on the issue last Wednesday, I wanted to get your views. Your activism on every issue — from Net Neutrality to the 700 MHz auction to media consolidation — has already contributed greatly to the national conversation.

Cripes, Bush may speaks with all the eloquence of 3rd grader with Pop Rocks in his mouth, but at least he makes us laugh. Geez.

Next week, the Massachusetts senator will visit the Lowcountry for a speaking engagement at the CofC.

Here’s the info from the press release:


The Winthrop Roundtable, presented by the Friends of the Library at the College of Charleston, will host a lecture by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry on Friday, October 12, 2007 at The Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library, located on the College of Charleston campus at 205 Calhoun Street. The event, which features cocktails at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:00pm, is open only to Friends of the Library members. For more information on joining the College of Charleston Friends of the Library or attending the event, contact Jenny Fowler by email: fowlerj@cofc.edu; or, by phone: 843.953.6526. Visit www.cofc.edu/~library/friendsofthelibrary on the web for more information.