[image-1] Starting today, Mon. Oct. 14, Commonhouse Aleworks has a new head brewer. But don’t worry, he’s not a noob. John McAlexander joined the Commonhouse team earlier in 2019 as assistant brewer where his role included malt handling and wort production, yeast management, quality control, and other aspects of the brewing process.

As head brewer, McAlexander will be directing the entire production operation and brew team while managing the consumption demands both in-house and in distribution.

McAlexander is well-educated with degrees in biology, chemistry, and business administration, as well as an international diploma in brewing technology from the Siebel Institute of Technology. He has been professionally brewing since 2014.

After more than 10 years of brewing, Commonhouse’s previous head brewer, Shane Cummings, will be retiring from the industry to spend time with his wife and newborn son. As the founding brewer of Commonhouse Aleworks, Cummings notes his confidence in McAlexander: “I don’t feel like there is anyone better to take over the brewhouse than John. He will lead this team into a bright future.”

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