From today’s Post & Courier via the New York Times: 

When Libertarian candidate Bob Barr say that our choices for president are between “big government and bigger government,” don’t automatically assume Barack Obama represents the latter half of this statement.

Obama is unquestionably a big government liberal who’s “economic redistribution” and “socialism” (more aptly, it’s welfare-statism, but I won’t get into semantics) should worry conservatives and Americans in general. My only point would be that for a candidate like John McCain who “promises more war,” as Pat Buchanan put it, the Arizona Senator promises not only to outspend any liberal who might actually bring the troops home – at least the liberal would be spending the money on Americans, not Iraqis, Afghanis and (in McCain’s case) possibly Iranians.

But now, in addition to supporting big government overseas and at home militarily, McCain and his apologists on talk radio can’t even claim he’s better on plain, old-fashioned welfare-statism.

Even after saying “government should take care of those in America who can not take care of themselves,” McCain still claims “I count myself as a conservative Republican.”

Sure, why not McCain? If Mitt Romney, who introduced America to socialized healthcare, and President George W. Bush, who introduced America to it’s largest budget in history, can be conservative, why not you too?

Talk radio will not disagree with you.