I swear to God this is true:

“John McCain Won Senate Congeniality Contest”


The lies of John McCain continue.  Running on his Maverick, out-sider, take no prisoners image, John McCain has claimed several times that he “never won any Senate Congeniality competitions.”  However Senate records show that McCain twice won the annual Senate Congeniality Competition.  In fact, he won by such a landslide in 1987, he was asked not to compete the following year, so as to give others a chance.

“This is appaling,” said fellow Senator and the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden.  “For him to say he never won the competition is a slap in the face to all Americans.  I worked across the aisle to make sure he won.  Of course it was easy considering he won 97-2.”

Republicans defended the Senator’s position.

“When McCain says he didn’t win the competition he means that since he won by such a large amount, it wasn’t really a contest.  And how can you win if it wasn’t a contest,” according to Arlen Spector (R, PA).  “This is just another attempt by the Obama campaign to smear John McCain.  The American people know who the real John McCain is a real ornery S.O.B.  And that’s who the American people want leading them the next four years.

When asked for a comment a McCain spokesperson told this reporter to “burn in hell” followed by ” see, that’s the kind of leadership you get from John McCain.  He’s a total asshole.  American’s know that.”