Writes Charley Reese at antiwar.com:

“Sen. John McCain has said he will be Hamas’ worst nightmare. It’s a juvenile thing to say. The line sounded more convincing when Sly Stallone said it in one of his Rambo movies.

What does the senator propose to do to Hamas? Refuse to recognize the Hamas members who are the legitimately elected representatives of the Palestinians? It’s already been done. Assassinate Hamas’ leadership? The Israelis do that every chance they get. Put Hamas’ elected officeholders in prison? Done that. Seal off the Gaza Strip and impose collective punishment on a million innocent people? The Israelis have done that. Set up roadblocks? Done. Periodically attack the Palestinians with advanced weapons? Done.

What Sen. McCain is much more likely to do as president is become America’s worst nightmare by continuing the failed policies of the Bush administration. Here is a man who has publicly admitted that he knows nothing about economics and who confuses Sunnis and Shi’ites. What are the two major problems facing America? Economic troubles and a war in the Middle East involving Shi’ites and Sunnis. Sen. McCain finished near the bottom of his class at Annapolis and launched his political career by dumping the wife who stood by him during his imprisonment and marrying big money. Excuse me if I’m not overwhelmed with his resume.

All Sen. McCain is promising is more of the same, which is precisely what the American people don’t need. We need to repair our economy and to mend fences abroad. Macho talk borrowed from make-believe macho movie characters should have no place in our diplomacy. Hollywood heroes have scriptwriters to make sure the bad guys miss. American presidents and the American people don’t.”

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