The media is piling on on Barack “Hussein” Obama even harder now concerning his pastor Jeremiah Wright, especially over his fiery speech in which he says “God damn America!”

The speech isn’t the least bit shocking to me, as it is typical of black nationalist rhetoric – conspiratorial in nature and angry to the point of absurdity. I actually thought it was a bit funny.

Obama clearly doesn’t share the views of Wright, yet for a week straight now Sean Hannity has dedicated a significant portion of his daily 3-hour radio program to nothing but Obama’s “connection” to Wright.

When will Hannity and his friends question McCain’s endorsement by John Hagee? Hagee’s rhetoric is typical of the fundamentalist Right, conspiratorial in nature (though biblically-based) and morally indignant to the point of absurdity. I often find such speech as humorous and as amusing as that of black nationalists.

As far as I know, Obama has never stood up and said he proudly accepts the endorsement of Wright: