[image-4] The sea islands of South Carolina have seen a rush of development projects in the last few years, and Johns Island is no different; this past August, the 205-home Oakland development was approved by the Charleston Planning Commission.

Kiawah River, a brand new development on the island, has announced a partnership with Lowcountry Local First to cultivate an onsite 100 acre farm.

Kiawah River is a mixed-use housing development that has made their focus sustainable development; about 50 percent of the neighborhood’s 2,000 acres will be left as “open (non-residential) space” for outdoor activities and as a kind of lab for urban farming. In a press release, executive director Carter Redd said, “Partnering with Lowcountry Local First will help us promote a farm-to-table lifestyle where our residents can enjoy being outside and active while also giving back to their local sea islands community.” [image-2]

The farm-to-table and local farming trends have grown significantly in the Lowcountry, largely through movement from nonprofits like LLF and Coastal Conservation League, and institutional programs like the SC Aquarium’s Good Catch program to promote sustainable fisheries. In addition to LLF offering oversight on Kiawah’s farming project, Kiawah will sponsor LLF’s Growing New Farmers program, which provides funding and training to new farming projects in the region.