Remember when Johns Island was just a sleepy, Spanish moss-draped drive to Kiawah? Those days are over. Maybank is now a snacker superhighway. OK, I take that back. Super is a bit ambitious, but it is true that in the past 10 years, Johns Island’s food scene has expanded greatly. Now you can get a Southern General chicken schnitzel within minutes of the Johns Island farmers market, or pick up some fresh eggs at Blackbird Market before swinging in for a pint at Seanachai.

Now you can add a brewery and an artisan meat shop to the growing list of must-stop places on the island.

Low Tide Brewing (2863 Maybank Hwy.) is the Lowcountry’s twelfth brewery. Opened in March, it’s owned by Mike Fielding and Andy Elliott is the head brewer. According to an Eater interview, the two are starting out with drafts only and have already designed custom beers, a Yuzu Lemon Blonde for Charleston Beer Works and a Bohemian Czech Pilsner for Bohemian Bull.

Meanwhile, just down the road, Jason Houser’s Meathouse Butcher Shop is now open at Tattooed Moose which means you can follow up a trip to Beachwalker Park with a healthy case of meat sweats. Win/win. Pate, hand-linked sausage, bacon, and more — all sourced from Bethel Trail Farms — will be sold at 3456 Maybank Hwy. Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and on Sun. from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.