[image-1] On Tues. March 17, 5-6:15 p.m., the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC) is inviting the public to join in an online forum to gather citizens’ impressions of the successes and challenges for the arts and culture communities in the state.

Since 1980 SCAC has been conducting a Canvass of the People every 10 years to help the organization form its “Long Range Plan for the Arts” in South Carolina.
[content-1] In a press release SCAC executive director David Platts said: “Public input is the cornerstone of this process. As we ask, ‘Where do we go from here?’we need for our reach to be as far and wide as possible. … The goal is to generate discussion about the arts to understand what South Carolinians envision for their communities.”

Register to participate in the forum online.

The SCAC is planning for the Canvass of the People to finish in March and the Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina is estimated to be released in fall 2020.