Charleston signer-songwriter Jordan Igoe recently released a new video for her song “Rosetta,”filmed earlier this month over two days at the Charleston Music Hall. “I wanted to tell the story of a close friend who left this world way too soon,” Igoe tells the City Paper about her piano tune. “I wrote the song because I felt that young women need to know they’re not alone. When you are young, emotions are way too strong and life seems too heavy. I want to tell young girls that they don’t need to feel hopeless because their self-worth is up to them. And no matter how low they feel, they should never, never ever give up.”

The video — just Igoe, a piano, and her song — is an austere production because she was trying to get it out quickly and had limited time. As it turns out it worked.”I realize that making it stripped down helped the message of the song come across stronger than it would have with heavy production — straight and to the point,” she says, adding that she’s thankful the Music Hall’s Charles Carmody let her shoot there.

David Keller filmed and edited the video, and Marshall Hudson did the audio. “Aside from [Keller] telling me to walk in at the beginning, it was just me playing a song,” Igoe says.

On Valentines Day, Igoe released her latest album How to Love, co-produced by Charleston’s Wolfgang Zimmerman.