[image-1]The last time we talked to then-Sweeney’s Chef Joseph Jacobson he was describing his youth growing up Orthodox Jewish in Charleston.

“My nanny growing up was an 80-year-old Geechee lady and she’d make mac and cheese and fried chicken and throw a hambone in there,” he said. “Mom would come home and freak out like, ‘Oh my god! There’s pork all over our kosher kitchen!'”

Suffice it to say, Jacobson’s food comes from an eclectic mix of influences, and now he’s taking that background to Aris Newton and Tommy Eiserhardt’s Folly Road Foods, owners of The Med, Lowcountry Eats catering, and the forthcoming Gibbes Museum restaurant, Cafe at the Gibbes. 

According to a press release, Jacobson has placed another Charleston native, Chef Patrick Woodham, to run operations at The Med in South Windermere. There the two plan to serve American fare with an emphasis on “handmade pastas, locally and sustainably sourced seafood, and daily delivered fresh local produce.”  

No menu details for Cafe at the Gibbes have not been released yet, but it’s expected to open later this summer.